Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm baaack

Whoa, what a week! actually, what a "two weeks"! Its been kinda crazy around the house, but I think things are settled down a bit... at least today.

It was so crazy this week that I actually missed the Finale of the Biggest Loser - AND I missed the Office - one due to teaching my new college course, and one due to a Tupperware party. I have to get online and see the re-runs soon. Not right now of course - that would be too easy!

I also have been sickly, my voice sounds like I have sandpaper lining my throat. Wow. I think (hope) its just allergies, but since there was a fever involved for about 48 hours, it may be a combination allergy and cold/flu bugish thing.... So this morning my nose has joined my throat on its boycott of functioning properly and I have that nice tickle that makes my eye keep watering because my nose is tickling... You all know the feeling... close to torture!

On to better topics - I had a COMPLETE conversation on the phone with my 23 month old niece yesterday! Here is the script... (I have to add, she had this full conversation with me with NO coaching from mom on the phone.) (Also, mom and Jen have really worked to make sure she knows me and Jon since we are away while she is learning people... so she knows our picures, and our names and stuff!)

Me: Hello?
Aubrey: Hello Ju-Ju
Me: How are you?
Aubrey: good.
Me: are you playing with Bob?
Aubrey: Bob
Me: Is larry there too?
Aubrey: laura Carrot
Me: I am gonna see you next week ok?
Aubrey: Ok
Me: I love you
Aubrey: I love you
Me: Ok, Bye bye.
Aubrey............ Bye bye

And then mom got the phone back... It was so much fun! The reference to Bob, Larry, and Laura carrot are all Veggie tales stuffed... umm.. animals? Vegetables? Anyway - stuffed things that mom told me she was playing with at the time. its the first ACTUAL conversation i have had with her since I moved away before she was really getting words together, and she has now begun to really comunicate just recently! So much fun!

Well, its a beautiful day here - and I want to enjoy it - even though it will probably make my allergies decide to go into overdrive.... it just KILLS me to have to stay inside!

Have a nice day.

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Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

I love you big lil sis! I cant wait to get home and you and ronnie and me and brantley and dad and mom if they want to go can go rock climbing and rapelling at pak mountain!!!! Gonna be so much fun teaching Ronnie how to do it my way!! of course the fun way!!! Love ya,
Your big bro