Friday, April 11, 2008

Traveling, Meme, Sick

Well, sorry for the delay - we were traveling. R had a meeting in Norfolk for 4 days - in a great hotel! a Huge Marriott - on the bay, overlooking where the navy ships come in, our room was the 15th floor, in the corner, so we could see the USS Wisconsin docked to the right, and the path they used every morning to move another big ship through at 8:30. However, there was no free internet - I went and got online to read emails a couple times at Schlotsky's, but really, I just kinda was ok with the break.

I did a lot of work on my class for the University I start teaching at next week - I spent some quality time with my man - I went shopping at H&M - my FAVORITE store... but bought nothing - I know, I just didn't feel like trying on clothes, and I HATE trying on clothes... So there ya go. I worked out in the quality workout room they had on site, we went walking in downtown several times... we were 6 miles from the beach... i LOVE the beach - we NEVER made it... this hotel, as nice as it was, charged $14 every time you left the parking garage... regardless of how many days you were there... so we decided that we would just leave the car and only leave ONCE! how silly! its ok though - I had a BLAST and it was a WELL NEEDED time away for me.

I came home thinking that I had some friends coming to visit this weekend, but then woke up this morning with a 101 fever. While I am feeling a bit better and my fever is coming down now, I stil don't feel that great, so we are rescheduling our time for another day... another weekend... hopefully SOON!

I was tagged in a Meme by Tricia - for 7 random facts about me....

since I am still sickly, I might make it back to this one day - but for now, I am going to send you to THIS post - where there are WAY more things than you ever wanted to know about me!


DeeDee said...

So sorry you were sick. Hope you are feeling better today!:)
love you

Celular said...
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DeeDee said...

hey... beware of the above post... it is the exact same wording as is on JOnathan's blog. (just a different address).... Could be a problem huh?

Just thought you might like to know :)