Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me and Maria

So, today on the "Today" show - Maria Shriver (wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on and is discussing her new book "Just who will you be?" the point is that when Arnold was elected as Gov, she couldn't be a journalist anymore... etc. etc. I am not going to go into any detail, only to say that her book was the EXACT SAME THING I taught to high school girls last week!!!!!

My point was being more interested in WHO you are than WHAT you become... WHO you are doesn't change.... WHAT you do will change many times throughout... etc. etc.

So, there ya go, if I were famous, I could have written the book, gotten the millions, and been on the Today show this morning... I have been teaching the same thing for a while now and have never read her book!!!

Me and Maria - we are just best friends like that - I just wish she knew that.

(disclaimer - I am not saying that I agree or disagree with anything written in this book, or any other part of her life - - I'm just saying I wish I had published it first:))

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Krista said...

Funny stuff! You are a genious and clearly you should be the one receiving the big bucks! Glad you are in the great state of Alabama this weekend. Can't wait to see you at church. Have fun with the family and when you see Maria, tell I said, "hello."