Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bad mood questions

Do ya ever have a day when you are in a bad mood for no reason when ya get up? That was my yesterday! I was in SUCH a bad mood all morning.... and then, I guess to give me a reason to be in a bad mood... things happened!

1. As I left my house, the thought crossed my mind - ya know, the clothes are folded, but still laying on the love seat - maybe I should at least just put them up really quick. ummmm... nah - no one is going to come here today. I will do it after church..... Around 10:00, Ronnie calls, looks like there is a tornado warning at our house. No problem I am at work. ummm... Then Ronnie says that his mom needs to go somewhere safer than their house. Since ours in brick.... she is going to go there for a little while. "WHAT???" My house is a WRECK! I have been working a ridiculous number of hours in politics and we are both just trying to keep it clean enough until the election is over! I mean, I wanted her to be safe...... but I didn't want her to see my cluttered house!

2. Ronnie's phone got chewed up by our dog Monday night. (don't ask, its a long story) - we went to the Alltel store to get him a replacement one. I was thinking that the "free" phone that you get with a new contract would probably be about $30-40. WRONG! Those phones, if you aren't in a new contract, and aren't qualified for an upgrade - are $140!!!! WHOA! Looks like he will be using one of those old brick Nokia phones that we all had like 10 years ago for a while. That stinks!

3. When I got home from church last night. Our telephone wasn't in its usual place on the shelf. No problem - "Ronnie, where's the phone?" "Ummm... I think lightening struck again. The phone, the internet, and the DVD/VCR are all gone." Now, this would be a pain regardless, but this is the third phone and second internet box to go out since we got married in June. Our house isn't grounded properly (it's a rental) and we are going to KEEP losing small junk till we move I guess. (that is what is wrong with the 55 inch TV Ronnie was trying to fix the other day.) So, the frustration continued.

So, was it a self fulfilling prophecy? Did my bad mood make these things happen?? I dunno. Some good things happened too - the youth praise band played for the first time in several months (for the first time since adding keys, bass, and female vocals) and did a GREAT job! My Bible study went well, I had a great time teaching, and fun at adult praise band practice.... so it wasn't a totally horrible day .... but I definately had a reason for the bad mood... or did I?


JustJessie said...

Me too! I was in an awful mood yesterday. My "reason" was that the kids kept waking me up the night before (about six times total), so my patience was a little thin! And then Grayson did NOT stop talking ALL DAY LONG - he really truly didn't. I kept waiting for his jaw to just fall off or start smoking. I have never been so glad to put the kids to bed at night! Thank goodness we get a fresh start everyday!

Nicole Detweiler said...

i still love you my friend even through the bad moods!!! cause i have them too!! as positive as i try to be it is just hard some times!! i like at the end you tried to be positive good job to you on a day when you did not feel it!