Monday, October 29, 2007

What else is new

Friday night was so cool!
I had planned a date with my man. We are in "money saving mode" so it wasn't anything extravagant, but was so much fun! I went to Wal-mart and bought a couple of pumpkins and a carving set and we carved our pumpkins! They looked pretty good when we were done. Well, to be honest, mine was really bad and cheesy and I almost cut out too much of one section and had to change my plan in the middle, that is never good ya know. Ronnie's on the other hand, was AWESOME! He thinks things through so much better than I do. He had a hill, and on that hill were three crosses, and had noted that "Jesus is the light." With all the junk that people say about Halloween, and the history that it has... even with the "legend" of "Jack of the lantern" it was awesome to have my husband reminding me that Jesus is the light of the world. To me, that statement is so often almsot overplayed at Christmas time - it was cool to have it brought up at a time that is not traditionally Christian.

We also attempted to roast the seeds. I had gone online to find recipes and EVERYTHING. I was SO prepared.... No one told me that they are NASTY!!!! I tried garlic, on some, salt on some, and cinnamon on some.... they still tasted like wood. Whose idea was this? We ended the night with watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (the latest version... I don't have the old version on DVD yet... Although, I am a purest when it comes to this movie and think that the old version will always be the best!)

The pumpkins are now laying in the woods behind our house. We thought about trying to put them out and all, but our beautiful young puppy "Ziba" would have them strewn about the yard in no time at all! So, we also had a great time throwing them into the woods yesterday:)

Well, we spent Saturday ALL DAY walking for the politician that I work for. Its all good, I am even losing some weight in this walking stuff. The cool thing was that even though both of us could have found 100 better things to do with our time, we got to do it together, and that was important.

In the evening we took some time to clean... again, it wasn't the FIRST thing on our list of things to do with a Saturday evening, but it needed to be done DRASTICALLY! The kitchen and Bathroom are at least clean now, AND the clothes that are folded, are at least put away! I even cleaned the baseboards! (sp?)

Sunday morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck! I went on to church anyway, (mainly because being a preacher's daughter, I was raised that if you weren't dead or headed that way, you should be at church.) It was a great service and the music was KICKING! but when it was over, I just wanted to CRASH! We got our lunch headed home, and spent the afternoon watching TV/sleeping on the couch. Here I am again, watching TV... I know, I know... moving on.

Around 5:00 we decided we need to get up and do something... we went to a local park next to the river here in town and had a wonderful SLOW walk together, holding hands, along the edge of the river. It is so wonderful. Sometimes, I wonder if I am living in a dream, or if I really have married the man of my dreams. I look at his beautiful blue eyes, and watch him smile at me, he picks me up and carries me... he leans in and soflty kisses my head. It is so cool to know that the man I was dreaming about all those years, is now REALLY my husband! Sorry - I got distracted...the walk was beautiful - we had to promise ourselves that for the time we were walking we would not discuss anything of a political nature, or of work. This was great! We talked about all kinds of other things! It reminded me of our dating time..... Such that it was... for our dating time was spent primarily on the telephone while I was traveling on the bus with Wings. We had to talk then.... there was nothing else to do.

Well, that was the weekend. The best part was that for two full days, I got to be with my man... in good and in bad, he was beside me, and I LOVE that about him!!


Darlene said...

Julia, You make me have tears . I am so happy for you and proud of you. While I know it was not easy you have followed God's plan for your life and now you are enjoying the fruit of your labor(I hope that made sense. It did to me). Help me pray for Andrea to get back on track and put God the center of her life. I know God has wonderful things planned for her. I am so happy for Ronnie and you!! I enjoy reading about your life, especially since you are so far away. I am thankful for technology.(SP).
Love you,

JustJessie said...

Isn't it great to have someone to do all that boring stuff with? That's one of my favorites part of being married is that everything you do, you can do with your best friend.

Jeff Keith said...

Julia, I really enjoy reading your blog. It is great to see two people who love God experiencing marriage as it was meant to be. God Bless!