Monday, October 22, 2007

Music to my ears

Saturday evening ended up being one of the coolest nights that Ronnie and I have had in a while. At least in my eyes;). We were out during the day Saturday doing some political stuff and heard that the Danville Symphony Orchestra was giving a free concert at a local high school. I have not been to hear a symphony in over a year - pushing two... In my college and grad school days, this was an event that happened many weekends of symphony season!

So, my wonderful man, knowing that I am buried in political stuff (which is HIS passion) got all dressed up on a Saturday night so that we could go be cultured together. I even wore the "stereo-typical" black dress - he was in a tie and stuff - and we went!

The music was mostly British. They did some Haydn, but it was a London Symphony, John Ireland, and Gustav Holst also were on the program!

For those of you with classical music backgrounds, the Holst was 3 of the movements of the "Planets" suite - Mars, Saturn and Uranus....

Basically - this is an all volunteer orchestra, and so I wasn't sure what I would actually be hearing, however, once it was all going - even with a few intonation moments, and the like.... it was altogether a very nice evening! Ronnie even admitted to enjoying it!

Now, it is Monday - and after a weekend filled with politics, church stuff, the symphony, and even some time with our dog yesterday - - I am back.... once again, for a couple more weeks, in the midst of the political drama and insanity that is going on....

Back to the real world.


Anonymous said...

AAhhh, I love the symphony (bad for me that I didn't know they were here......good for Jason though...haha!!!!) I am hoping to see a ballet around Christmas! There's just something about that!

Nicole said...

i am so happy for you i bet that you just loved and KUDOS to ronnie for being a good sport!

DeeDee said...

sounds like a "Julia" kind of evening - glad you had a good time.
love you and missing you bunches!