Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Small shiny objects

I just need to annouce that I recieved my first "Columbus Day" present yesterday. In the afternoon, my wonderful husband walked into my office with a small box wrapped... (Girls like small boxes!!) - to completely understand the excitement I felt, you must realize that first of all, from my 16th Birthday, until my wedding day (12 years) I wore one necklace. It was a heart and a key - around my neck symbolizing that my heart belonged to my daddy. On my wedding day, I took off that necklace, my dad (who is a preacher, and therefore performed the ceremony), presented the key to my heart to my husband, and I haven't had a necklace since then. I wore that other necklace day and night, I can probably count the times that necklace came off my neck on my two hands. Namely, if I were in a friend's wedding where there was uniform necklaces for everyone... in the ocean, where I was afraid to lose it, or a couple of performances with Wings where I needed a different necklaces... but there was not a full day in those 12 years that the necklace was not around my neck.

So, since marriage, I haven't worn a necklace. The one I wore in the wedding belonged to my sister... I didn't have another.

Ronnie walked in yesterday with a BEAUTIFUL white gold necklace with a heart pendant with small diamonds up one side of the heart. It is beautiful!!! All because it was Columbus day! (That's my story and I am sticking to it!)

Thanks sweetie!

I also need to ask for some help - He may read this - but he knows I am looking for Christmas ideas, and he has given me one. The problem is, that I don't know much about this thing that he wants.... so, I am asking for advice as I am considering SEVERAL items as Christmas ideas...

Ronnie wants a new handgun - He has one... but wants a smaller one. (I don't know what he has...) I know how to shoot guns, but have never been on the "buying" side of this. He wants one that is either a 45 or a 9mm... and a compact body - I want one that is quality. If I were to go into a store right now, I would have NO idea what brands to look at. I would end up paying too much for not much of a gun I am sure.

Does anyone know much about this? Name brands? Things to look for? Cues that it is quality?
Please ask your men to get more info please...