Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend extravaganza

It was Friday afternoon, mom had just called to say that Jon was going to be online in about 10 minutes, and I had at least a 20 minute drive to get home. Ronnie and I had a planned "home date" since we are paying off debt right now and trying to save money - and well, we needed to stop by the dump to empty the junk from the week.... ahem.... month.... into the dumpster. So, in the mad rush hurry I jumped out of the car, threw open the back door and started shoveling junk out of the car into the dumpster. We were both running like crazy! We were in a hurry not only to get home to talk to Jon on SKYPE - but to get ready for our romantic movie night! We pulled away from the dump, successfully making my car smell better immediately! We were about 4 miles away from the dumpster when the thought crossed my mind.

I wonder if mom will call my cell phone when Jon gets online?.... Hmmmm.... where is my cell phone??

"Ronnie, can you call my cell and see if it fell in the floorboard?"

Ring once, ring twice... hmmm... that is ok, it vibrates the first few rings anyway

Ring 3 times, Ring 4 times..... "Hey, this is Julia, I am sorry I missed your call, Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible!"


Quick U-turn in the road, going back to the dump... "I am sure it just fell out of my lap onto the ground, maybe no one else has driven up to the dump since we left."

When we pulled up, there was a HUGE Tahoe sitting where my car had been, Oh no, my phone is probably crushed!

"Ronnie, call my phone again." Now we are walking outside of the car, looking around everywhere on the ground. WHOA IT STINKS!!!

"I hear it!!!" what?? is it coming from inside the dumpster?? Oh my word!

Ronnie shoved me out of the way (well, ok, he kindly stopped me from digging in the trash myself) The gentleman in the Tahoe made some crack about wondering what that noise was when he heard it the first time. Under the half eaten sandwich, three bags of trash, and some plant that had been dumped out - there it was, my cute little phone. Laying there ringing like there was no problem.

How did I throw my phone in the dumpster?? Who knows.... regardless, I owed him bigtime - Ronnie doesn't like germs. He comes from a family that doesn't like germs. (I think it is his only child status that is impacting him still.)

He, being the wonderful, protective man that he is - then cleaned my phone for me with the clorox wipe, and proceeded to cook dinner while I talked to my brother, mom and dad, (and watched my sister and niece) online for a while.

The rest of the weekend was still quite adventurous - but not nearly as bad as dumpster diving for my little cell phone.


DeeDee said...

That is just fulfilling part of the promise - "to never let them get bored". (I would have loved to seen - the whole scene)
So, remind him - this is only the beginning - YEAR ONE - and you will NEVER let him get bored :) Who know what will be next - but one day you will be able to laugh about it!!!!!!

Jeff Keith said...

Sounds like you have a great man! I am sorry for your lost cell phone incedent, but I appreciate the laugh. I thought things like that only happened to me!

JustJessie said...

That's hilarious! Jeff would have given me a nice boost into the dumpster. Just kidding! He would have just let me buy a new phone, cause he knows I'd be completely grossed out every time I talked on it after that! I don't mind my family's germs, but dumpster germs are another story!