Monday, October 22, 2007

Staggering numbers

I usually am a "one post per day" type of girl - But I just came across these numbers from a blog that I linked to from my sister's blog. The numbers shocked me.... I don't know why - I just felt the need to share them... so, here are the numbers, and my limited response.

Holocaust- 3,546,211 Jews
Nagasaki/Hiroshima- 74,000 / 140,000
Tsunami in Indonesia- 212,000
9/11- 2,997 Americans
Pearl Harbor- 1,177
Slavery- 17,267,000
Rwanda- 937,000

TOTAL: 22,054,385

ABORTIONS:46,000,000 each year worldwide.

Since the beginning of the Iraq War.... 5,940,715 ABORTIONS!

Lives of children - snuffed out before having the chance to live - why? convenience, shame, embarrassment, money, selfishness.... People get on bandwagons against the events at the top of the list - and I understand. I don't think it is right to murder at any level, however, I still struggle to understand why we don't get on the bandwagon for the lives of the children around us. I could go on.... I won't... enough has been said - and the numbers alone speak more volumes that I can begin to communicate.


DeeDee said...

amen and amen!

Jeff Keith said...

That number is heartbreaking! How do we not protect those unborn lives? God forgive us as a nation!!

Ali Richardson said...

Yes! I've always been against abortion but lately I've seen so many couples not able to get pregnant and how hard it is to adopt. These are godly families that want children. If only these women chose life and not death. It's so sad. We must pray for these women that we don't even know so God will change thier hearts before it is too late.

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

well you know I hate abortion. But I was reading some elses blog, I forget who's, and they siad, Its not scriptually backed or anything but i liked it so I'm gonna stick with it. They said, well we know where God's army for the end times is coming from. Satan means it for harm, God uses it for good." Anyway just thought I would add that.