Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Walking in his shoes

I am new to this marriage thing, and therefore, I went yesterday to buy dress shoes with my husband for the first time.

WHOA! We both have an hour for lunch, ate our spagetti-o's in the car while drinking our $1 tea from McDonald's, and then headed off to the mall. I thought this would be a short looking trip, I had NO IDEA we had enough time to actually buy shoes. Now, I am not a big shoe shopper. I buy them occasionally when needed, but even then, being a girl, it takes time. I look, try-on, go to another store, try-on, go watch some commercials, try- on some more... and then, a couple days later, I buy the shoes that I tried on first time through. They were, after all, the most comfortable.

Well, I have to give him the benfit of saying that we knew we were buying at a particular store because we have gift cards stored up there left over from the wedding returns. So, obviously, there was no choice of going to several stores to find the best deal. However, I still expected to take some time.

15 minutes later, we had purchased new black dress shoes! WHAT??? 15 minutes??? he only tried on ONE PAIR OF SHOES!! How is this accomplished? How does he know he got the best ones? What if they don't go with every suit? (My husband is an attorney, so he has to wear a suit daily). I don't get it! We even had time to go get a cookie from the cookie store before we headed back to work! AMAZING!

Anyway, I guess he would say that he was more effecient with his time than I am.... I say, that boys have it easier because there aren't so many to choose from... I mean, he had to choose square or round toe - thats it. No heels, no lack of support, no crunched pinky toe.... just two choices...

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Jeff Keith said...

It is great to be a man! We are so easy to please! ruh ruh (my attempt to quote Tim "the tool man" Taylor!