Friday, October 19, 2007

Politics are taking over!

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be neck deep in a political campaign right now, I would have died laughing! I have always been interested in being a responsible voter - knowing that my votes do matter... however, I have never before been so involved in the inner workings of the political system.

I am working for a state political campaign as a form of "assistant to an assistant." I walk door to door asking people about their concerns, and their support - I go to forums with a video camera, I talk to high school students about the political situation and even explain what events mean when they happen, (the fact that I can even have an intelligent conversation about some of this is more impressive than you would think at first... I have even met some of the more powerful people in the state of Virginia. It is crazy!

What have I learned from this? 1. "Politics" as a job - is tougher than anyone ever could have described to me. Everything must be examined and guarded for you never know what can happen once the information gets out. 2. I am not a politician.... at any level. I don't think like that. 3. I am thankful beyond belief to the families of the men and women that put themselves through stuff like this to serve the people. I do realize that there are times when it is not an act of service - but for some, it is... a way to give back to this country that has given so much to us! Thank you - to those men and women, who subject themselves and their families to the critical nature of a country that has so much and yet always wants so much more.

Anyway - I just needed to release a little of that - I am also even more thankful, to serve a God who "raises and lowers kings and leaders." He is God over all of these politics - and is sovereign and supreme in all things.
Also - I added a pic of my little bro - still serving overseas - just a reminder to keep praying for him. I haven't talked to him in over a week now, mom and dad say he is doing well and ready to get going. Thanks for the prayers


DeeDee said...

my beautiful daughter - the missionary - the musician - the teacher - now the politician -

I just remember telling you one million times that "whatsoever you put your hands to do.... the Lord will bless you !"

I love you so much

Jeff Keith said...

Politics needs people like you! I pray that you have the wisdom needed to do a great job and influence those around you!