Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to the real world

Ronnie and I had a great time visiting all appropriate family over the weekend, but WHAT A WHIRLWIND! It started at 9:00am Thanksgiving morning getting to his parent's house... then after lunch we headed to Bama, arrived around 10:30 there... I went on the annual Warren girl's shopping trip on Friday from 5:00am till after midnight, (yes, I left Ronnie alone with my dad all day... they handled it well:)) Saturday was full of getting Christmas decorations down, Ronnie and I got our Christmas tree - (to be put up tonight, I am sure the story will show up later). We helped mom and dad decorate the tree per the tradition on Saturday evening. Jen, Aubrey and mamaw were all there with us doing that... Sunday morning we went to church and then started the trek back home! The car was full of Christmas decorations and we drove with all the other crazy people that waited till the last minute to go back home from visiting family on Christmas.

I hope to write a more detailed "deep" blog later - it was a wonderful weekend... I am so thankful for the time to see my family:)

today we start with the Christmas decorating... I am so excited to decorate my own home!!


JustJessie said...

We stopped for lunch in Calera on the way back from the beach Sunday. I was gonna call and see if you were still around, but your number wasn't in my phone! You were probably still in church anyway. Glad you had a nice family weekend!

Samantha Hyde said...

It was great to see you guys! Can't wait till your next visit! Love to you both! -Samantha

DeeDee said...

It was a Whirlwind.... but soooooo good to have the time with you. Makes me miss you more -
But at least this time it is just one month till you come back.
I can hardly wait.

Enjoy this first Christmas Season together.

Love to you both