Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Campaign is OVER!

Good guys win again... but by a close margin.

Last night was long... well.. the last week... umm... month... was long. The race was ugly - there were untrue statements made on the "other side." I am EXTREMELY competitive, and the thing that just burns me up is when people win by cheating and lying! It was so close that I STILL am angry that so many people were confused about the truth before the end! Whatever, the bottom line is that around 9:30 last night, the candidate I work for claimed his victory over the opponent. YEA! I was on TV and just found that out as I was typing this blog, they said I looked good, smiled, and looked confident that I had been on the winning team... good..

So, I guess it is time for some lessons learned from my time working with a political office.

1. I will always disagree with someone in politics... however, I will still work to support the better candidate because that is what our system is made on.

2. Campaign workers have hearts and emotions too. To those of you that hang up on the political calls, slam the door in the face of the political walkers, or give hateful looks to people wearing the "other side" stickers.... PLEASE consider that the other person is still a person. THey may have different beliefs, or different opinions... but having been on the side of the person knocking on the door, or making the phone call, it still kinda hurts my feelings;)

3. We have a right.... and a responsibility to vote. Even when we think we can do no good, even when we think that it is a runaway... In 2004, I was in Germany and did not vote for the president because I knew which way Alabama would go. Alabama is a Republican state... and they always vote republican. What if the rest of the state had the same attitude? Many people in my area thought that the race was a runaway... People told me that they would be SHOCKED if my side didn't win. Hmmm...As the numbers came in from the areas where I talked to those people.. I knew that many of them had that same attitude, because the opponent won those precincts. It is our right... and responsibility to vote.

I have walked miles, stood in the rain, walked through windy, rainy, not so good areas of town. I have convinced people to vote, and have convinced some students to help me walk. I have lost sleep, and gotten up early because of this. Who knew I would even CARE? HA!

On the positive side, I have met some wonderful people (a few crazies, but I won't go there now... oh the stories I could tell though!!! One particular gentleman used the phrase... "people want to support education... I think that education is overrated. I think people have gotten too smart and now they think they know everything! I think that we should CUT some education and quit telling people they need it... the world is better when we are stupid.".... OH the stories:) Regardless, some opportunities have opened for me because of some of the people I met. My confidence has gotten better in this new area of town. I have even been on some streets that Ronnie had not been on before (they usually weren't particularly safe... and I got in trouble for being there later when I reported on my work for the day... ) I have talked to people on their doorstep - As mentioned before, I have had doors slammed in my face, been yelled at, cussed at, and told to "get off my property." All for the sake of this campaign... hmm... makes me think..

(ready for spiritual application?)

When was the last time I felt comfortable enough in who I am in Christ to knock on a door, to walk on "unsafe streets," to have a door slammed in my face, to have someone hang up the phone, to be yelled or cussed at for the sake of my Savior?!

Anyway, I am back to blogging, back to thinking, and promise not to talk about politics too much... after all I am just as tired of it as most of you are!

PS - if ya get an extra chance today... pray for my brother... he is working! Our God is big enough to protect him!

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Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

Glad you are back to blogging. I've missed reading it!
miss ya bunches sis.