Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am in the process of procrastinating a LONG list of things to do.

I have been asked to start a new blog for some of the teenagers that I used to work with in AL. I am praying about how to do this.... I just wanted to update you guys that I am working on it, I just haven't got it in my head yet. For those of you Alabama girls that I love so much, please know that I am PRAYING for you! I am hearing that you guys are having some tough times. (I have heard stories from more than one of you!) I also know, that you know the truth. And I know that if you will back up and keep your eyes on Jesus as they should be, that you will remember that He is your rock, fortress, protector, guide... etc.etc. You guys know this... Ok, well, I will make an announcement when I get a plan in my head - be looking in the next week for an announcement!

I don't have anything major to discuss today. I was kinda sad yesterday because the church where I was doing some work has blogspot blocked from being accessible, it seemed that I had much deeper thoughts! Oh well.

I will say that fall in VA is BEAUTIFUL! In Alabama, we have pretty falls, however, they are so quick! I mean, Summer is really long, but the other three seasons just get skipped. I have been amazed here that the colors of the leaves on the trees are not only beautiful, but they have been beautiful for almost a MONTH now! As I told the youth praise band at the church last night, how creative is our God - He didn't have to make it so that the leaves would change colors before they fall off of the trees. The color change serves one purpose, to be beautiful! How wonderful! How amazing is our God! He could have had the leaves go straight from green to brown and dead - but instead, our creative God painted the horizon here in VA with a pallete of red, orange, green, brown, and yellow. There is a hill that I go over on the way home from the city every day where I come up over a rise, and all of a sudden I can see the colorful rolling hills in our area - it was pretty in the Summer, but now, with the colors so brilliant, I remember daily to thank God for the beauty around me!

Well, my house is clean - my coffee is hot - I need to practice piano - I need to write out a Bible study that I need to teach in January - I need to start writing a syllabus for a class I am teaching in a local college soon - etc.etc.etc. I think I will finish my coffee first.

Please be praying for my brother.


Jenifer said...


Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

I'm with jenifer. huh? you gonna have to translate this one for the rest of us.

Tricia said...

Hey Julia,
Now don't go procrastinating in translating that first comment for all of us who aren't fluent in many languages.

I know what you mean about procrastinating. I have these great intentions of writing my boys a letter every year around their birthday, and putting them in a book along with a picture from that year, and giving it to them sometime in the far future, graduation, wedding or something. Well, I have written the first 2 letters, but I just keep dragging my feet on getting their 3 year letter written, and they will be 4 in January. I'd better get on the ball!!

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

all right look I have been fussing at mom about this. and I left you alone (sorta) until the campaigne was over. But now this is uncalled for. TWO posts this week. THAT is ALL!!!! Come on. since I can't call much these blogs are how i know what is going on with you. Except that I already know you hit a deer. I hope you kept it for meat!!! Anyway back to what I was saying, POST MORE!!!!! BLOG MORE, how ever you want to say it do more of it!
Love ya sis,

Julia said...

I have no idea what that foreign language stuff was... a random person trying to sell something I think... it was not in one of my choice languages:) - thanks for all the concern guys! :)