Friday, November 9, 2007

Change is a comin'

Today is my last day at the political campaign office. We won, I have tied up the loose ends that I had left - I am cleaning today (BIG JOB). Next week I think I am on call just in case anything goes crazy... but all in all, this job is done. I have learned a lot, and met a lot of new people... but since I just went through that the other day... I will spare you the repeat. However, since it is such a special occasion.... I did make a starbucks stop on the way in to work... :) This makes me smile!

Last night Ronnie got a prize for putting up with me through the campaign. Everytime we eat at Chick-fil-a, he says that one thing he has NEVER had, is a WHOLE tray of chicken nuggets to himself! You know, those party trays? Well, I have to say, I understand... after all, who can actually be full after the 6-8 that you get in the lunch order? I mean come on! (Its remarks like that, that remind me why I still need to be working out.... hmmm...) Anyway, so, I got him his surprise. He got the small tray (with only 64 nuggets) all to himself last night. I even bought myself a sandwich just so he didn't even have to share with me! He was like a little kid. When he came through the door, he saw the chicken nuggets (complete with a cheesy card from me on top) and could hardly wait to sit down to eat! I was so proud! He does so much great stuff for me regularly, it is hard to surprise him with something that HE would actually enjoy. I mean, I could light candles, and all that jazz, but that is more for me right?? I wanted something that made HIM happy:) I think I found it! As info, he didn't finish the whole tray alone... I ate a couple, and we are having more nuggets for lunch today... but he ate until he could eat no more chicken nuggets! It was so cool to have a night at home!

For you lurkers! Thank you so much! I didn't know half of you even knew I HAD a blog! Hey Melissa! I haven't seen you in FOREVER! And yes, I also miss my BellSouth friends.... as well as my "childhood friend Jessie." :)

Well, the time has come... the piles of folders and papers have to be sorted, so that when I leave today, I don't leave an unorganized mess of junk! (Imagine that... Julia has a mess on her desk! Who would even DARE to guess that??)


Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

I may have skewed your hits counter. I use your page as a jumping off point to just about everyone else's page. so when I am done at thiers, I hit back on my browser and just realized that everytime your page reloads it ups your counter one time. SORRY. Oh well. you don't like it come over here and stop me!!!! HAHA you can't.
I love ya sis,

JustJessie said...

Thanks, I feel much better now. :P
Great surprise for Ronnie, too! All it takes for Jeff is a weekend night where we make snax and watch a movie in our bed with the boys. (this is more of a sacrifice for me than you think. Imagine the crumbs left behind three males eating cookies and popcorn in bed!)