Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Everyone else is doing it

So, here it is - the New Year's post.

I would love to spend some time re-counting the amazing year of 2007. Without details, it was the most amazing year of my life... It was also one of the most emotional years of my life. The highs were REALLY high! Meeting the love of my life, dating, being engaged to, and marrying him! Being a part of a ministry team that traveled and led people to a saving knowledge of Christ. Etc. etc.... The lows were low... Saying goodbye to my brother as he left to fight in Iraq - Watching him hug each family member with tears running down our faces not knowing when we would see each other face to face again. Praying for my dad as he flew to Texas with my grandparents when my aunt had a heart attack and we weren't sure how that was going to turn out. Praying for a friend in Alabama that was going through a tough time and not making the decisions that she needed to make. Being with Ronnie as his great-grandmother passed away and all that is involved with that.

Having said that, the tears have been plentiful - the joys have filled my heart - the bottom line is, that now, having taken the glance back , we must look at 2008. I read last night, a journal entry that I wrote on new year's eve 2006. I was down... depressed even...it was tough. If someone had told me what joys I would fill in 2007 I would not have believed them. If they had shared the heart aches I could not have imagined it - it all had to come in time. Who knows what 2008 will bring? I am sure, as with all of life - the joys will be plenty - the pain will be severe - That is the way we live right? The important thing is to remember to thank God for all of it. The joy, the pain, the love, the sadness, the uncertainty... The Bible says to thank Him in all things. Not to be anxious for anything, but in everything to give thanks! We are to look at the joys and celebrate. And to trust God through the tough times so that His Joy can shine through in the morning.

Well, here we go - into another great year of our Lord... 2008. Do I have resolutions? I am working on that... I was about 66% on last year's resolutions. I had 3... I believe I did 2 of them successfully. I should look at that as a positive year, had I not had them, I might have done the same thing, but I might not have recognized it! So, I am going to have some resolutions... benchmarks I guess... I just don't quite have them nailed down yet...

On a side note.... for the first time in my life - I had a date on New Years! We went out to eat, watched a movie, and had a kiss at the countdown! It was just as cool as I always thought it would be:)

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