Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hair Cut

Well - - since being married I have learned several different things - - however, today I tried a real version of something I had tried a couple times before... but today I did it in larger capacity.

I had tried to cut my hair a couple times earlier this year. but always had Ronnie here as a back-up plan and he actually cut the back part -

But today....

Today I am here - needed a change in the hair cut - and I have cut over 2 inches off my own hair! I just washed it and dried it - am waiting on my straightener to heat up while I blog to get the final result. Maybe some pics will be up soon.

I am fairly happy with the results for now - it isn't exactly what i was hoping - but maybe I will work on it again tomorrow to finish it up... it is at least presentable for now!

Also, just loaded photoshop elements that I got for Christmas onto my PC... its much more detailed than the free Picasa I had been using - anyone have any suggestions on websites that teach ya how to use all the features??


Jenifer said...

photoshop elements is hard!! I have been playing with it some but I am going to take a class at samford I will let you know what I learn :)

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

i say just SHAVE YOUR HEAD!! it's easy to cut it that way and you can't mess it up! Demi moore did it in G.I. Jane. She could pull it off so can you! LOve ya little sis,

Anonymous said...

bald is the answer

Tricia said...

I can not believe you cut your own hair, you are brave!! I could never do that and go out in public, it would look horrible! I can't wait to see some pictures!

Ruthe said...

Hi Julia

Loved your comment on big mama's blog re polly pockets and fire crackers. Nice to know they'll still be around in the event of any disaster

I've found that Hewlett packard offers really decent free online courses. just not sure what they have on tap right now.

Not really familiar with photoshop elements but I do pretty well using Photoshop CS for anything that Picasa can't do.

Also I find that there's a tutorial out there for just about anything if you google enough.

Good luck

Julia said...

thanks for the comments!

not gonna shave my head sorry guys...

And thanks Ruthe - - gonna google it today!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you cut your own hair. You're a brave girl!
I use Paint Shop Pro right now, and it has a learning center built in that you can leave open and read as you go. The good thing is that nothing you mess up is permanent, cause you can always hit the "undo" button! :)
Let me know how you like it. I've looked at it a couple of times, but I can't make up my mind if it would be better than what I've got!

DeeDee said...

Hey... I am so proud of you! The good thing about cutting your own hair... is tomorrow... if you do not like it.. or see a tag... you just cut again...

Now, sometimes that can get we keep cutting!

Love you SO much!

brantley said...

O my goodness, you cut your own hair? How did you do that? I would probably give myself a mullet if I cut my own hair. LOL