Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - deoderant marks on shirts

I have never done this before - mainly because I am still so new at this whole "be-a-wife-have-a-house" thing. But I am participating in "Works for me Wednesday" by Rocks in my dryer.

Let's see how this goes.

I struggle with always leaving white stripes on dark pull-over shirts from my deoderant. I have tried rolling the edge of the shirt up before I put it on, then the stripes just are higher on the shirt - sometimes even on the outside of the "pit" area. I have tried putting on deoderant AFTEr putting my shirt on - but then one of two things happen. Either I have deoderant all over the inside of the shirt - or I am in such a hurry by the time I get to putting my shirt on, I forget the deo!! (Needless to say - this is a tragedy!!!) So, I have learned a trick... that will remove the white marks left from that frustrating stick... without leaving wet marks everywhere... PANTY HOSE! Who knew there was actually a GOOD use for the torture device? Put your hand in one leg of the hose, rub over the white streaks and it actually will remove the deo marks!

While I am now in the habit of rolling the shirts, so I still catch myself with white marks remarkably high on the shirt.... at least I can get them OFF now.... AND, I needed something to use my left over panty hose from when I traveled with Wings... Lord knows I am not going to actually WEAR them!!

Go on over to Rocks in my dryer for more "Works for me wednesday"


Anonymous said...

Great tip, Julia. I've never heard that one before. I'm with you, it's nice to know hose are good for something!

Rebecca said...

That's awesome! Welcome to Works for Me Wednesday.

tootie said...

Thank you! I have struggled to find a way to get rid of those deodorant marks. (In fact, the shirt I have on right now has them!) I can't wait to put my panty hose to good use. :)

DeeDee said...

I've tried it......It WORKS!

love you