Thursday, January 31, 2008

What do I do with this?

My heart hurts some today.

I work with a group at the church and well - last night - I got word that after I walked out of the room, one of them made a comment and then someone close to me walked in and heard the laughter afterwards. My friend didn't hear the comment - only that it was related back to me, and all got uncomfortable afterwards when they thought they were busted. It just kinda hurt my heart.

I have worked with multiple groups similar to this in my life, and well, I have never really been treated like this - at least from what I know. So, without going into any detail - - my heart just hurts. Ya know, its just like pouring a part of yourself into people, only to find out that they are laughing at ya behind your back. What do you do with that? What category of pain does that go into? How do you walk back in next time?

Anyway, other than that - things are going fine. I am working on raising my money for Uganda - more info will come on that soon I promise.


DeeDee said...

So sorry....

Praying for you.

Love you so much.

Wish I could come and give a hug.


LSU Fan from down south said...

I'm so sorry for you... let Him handle it..

Just think you could be still working with Brian Todd

Julia said...

Lsu fan.... you are SO right!!! I am guessing this is Gary... if so, thanks - I needed to hear that:)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. My advice would be not to make too much out of it. After all, you don't even know what was said. It could have been something completely harmless. Even so, I know it hurts to give yourself to others and feel that they are ridiculing you.
You know the scripture about being kind to your enemies and by doing it you heap hot coals on their head? Someone told me once that in order to see in a dark cave/tunnel people used to wear a helmet into which they put glowing hot coals from a fire, so that they could see. I say you should be kind to those people as if nothing ever happened, and in so doing show them the light of God's love.