Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dreaming of a white Thursday


Its on the ground! Its still falling out of the sky! The ground is white! The roads are white! The trees are beginning to droop a bit because of the weight of the snow! How beautiful! The frost is on the windows around the edges like in paintings.... Its wonderful! I hope to go out in a little while and get some pictures - - it is a delicate balance though, I want as much snow to be on the ground as possible, but I also have to catch it before the snow turns to sleet and ice as is predicted for later today. (will post pics later)

Our house is not the most insulated house in the world - it was built TOO long ago! (More on that to come) However, I have all my windows open so that I can look out my window into the winter wonderland as many times as possible.

Which is good.... because....

Remember the post where I talk about losing our 55 inch TV and other electronics to the lightening storm because the house isn't grounded properly? Well, apparently snow has the same effect on our house. Last night, before going to bed, Ronnie and I watched the second hour of American Idol auditions in Dallas, Texas. (Ronnie's quote for the evening... after the girl that looked similar to Cher sang... "I can't believe I never watched this! This is hilarious! It's funny to watch people humiliate themselves on TV!" So - ok, I have a convert!) We turned the TV off, let the dog in so she wouldn't freeze.... put the cat in the laundry room so he wouldn't freeze (yes, somewhere deep inside of me is a heart even for a cat....) and went to bed.

This morning, the ground is white, all is peaceful in the Mayhew household, Ronnie leaves for work, and I make my coffee to sit and do as I do every morning. I read my emails, I read my favorite blogs, and I turn on the TV to get my morning dose of FOX news or something similar.



Hmmm... the TV must not have turned on...



Hmmm... is there a problem with my remote? (THE TRAGEDY!!!)

Click.... (this time I watch it... the green light turns on, then off again... JUST like my big TV did!!)

So, I sit here - blogging, with no TV. Only me and my internet... and my ipod... and the snow... and my coffee... and my electric fireplace... to keep me comfortable:) (I sound SO high maintenance!!!! Am I really??)

So, my house continues its tales... we have lost a ridiculous number of electrical things since we lived here.. and NOW you know why we don't have an oven - can you say "FIRE HAZARD!"?!?!?!?!

Anyway - - I AM thankful for the snow... and maybe I needed some peace and quiet this morning... Actually - I know I needed some peace and quiet this morning. Thanks God.


Darlene said...

I hope you don't have your windows wonder you are cold!LOL
I told you he would like watching the show. I didn't watch it last night. Joey had to drive to South Carolina to deliver a load and I wanted to wait till he returns and watch it with him.
Enjoy the snow and now is a good time to wrap yourself into a warm blanket and read a good book. I wish I could do that...maybe soon.
Keep praying for your Alabama friend. Don't give up on her. Tell your prayer buddies to keep praying too. Don't stop!!
Tell Ronnie the Faucett's say hey.
When you were a child do you remember reading a story called "City Mouse Country Mouse"?
I just thought of that story. It kinda reminds me of you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good morning to me. I hate the tv. It's such a time sucker outer. Enjoy your snowy day!

Cynthia said...

Hey Julia!

I never comment because of time constraints. You know, 5 children at home, a hubby, grown children and ddil's who I love to talk to, and then there are those 4 grandmunchkins who stop by for visits. Anyway, I got off track RIGHT off the bat. HA! Surprised?

I love your blog and love hearing about your life. Love, love, love it! God is so awesome!!! He brought you that man and now I get to hear all about it. Yes!

Have a blessed snow day, TV or not. Love you!!!

Tricia said...

I am jealous that you have snow!! My boys keep asking me when it will snow here, I don't know why, we have never really talked about it, but they have decided it is something they want to experience... so send just a little our way!!

DeeDee said...

Make some chili and enjoy! and if a dvd with your husband on the computer :)

Love you

P.S. I remember that you have mentioned in a couple of posts that you were trying not to watch as much t.v. ?????? hummmmm