Monday, January 28, 2008

Last week's funny story

!!!Ok - so last week was hard - really hard emotionally as shown in the other posts. However, as we all know, in the midst of hard emotions - sometimes God throws a little humor so that we can have a break. Well, our humor came actually the night before the hard stuff happened.

Tuesday night Ronnie and I went to eat with our friends Zach and Nicole. These are the same friends we went camping with back in Oct. We always come away from times with them with funny stories... In order to stay on track, I will not go into burnt crock-pot food, small servings, forgetting the movie (the reason we were together) - or any of that other stuff.. I want to stick to last week!

We were going to have chicken pasta. Ronnie makes GREAT pasta sauce using diced tomatoes and paste and whatever spices he can find. (It always impresses me, and I like it better than the bought sauce!) The pasta was almost done - the chicken was finishing baking in the oven (we were at Nicole's house, so it was a REAL oven:)) Nicole was pouring the brownie mix into the pan so we would have brownies after we ate dinner.

Zach opened the oven, and pulled out the glass pan holding the wonderfully baked chicken that was going to mix SO WELL into our pasta!


The glass exploded in his hand! it flew everywhere and the chicken and chicken grease also flew throughout the kitchen. With one piece of chicken, as seen below, landing in our brownies :(

We all laughed so hard! It sounded like a gunshot when it exploded. Zach didn't hit anything with it or anything, he was left holding the edge of the hot glass in his potholder!

The good thing is that we left the lid on the pasta, so we put a frozen pizza in the oven and ate the pasta while we waited for the pizza to be ready. All in all, it was a great meal.... The saddest part was losing the brownies!!!

This is a pic of what it all looked like once Nicole put it in the box - we forgot to get the pic when it all first exploded on the floor.... :)

****edit**** Last night, Perdue chicken (the brand we were going to eat) was listed in our local newspaper as being recalled.... it wasn't a big deal I don't think... but hey - I guess its better than our chicken exploded all over the kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

IT WAS SO CRAZY...but a story we will never forget! It is always great to hang out with you guys! We are blessed to have found such wonderful friends here in D-ville. God has blessed us! Thank you for the fun times!