Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So many thoughts - So little time

I must say - It has been almost a week since I wrote. I am in trouble with my little brother for taking so long to write.

Also, last night as I was getting ready for bed, I had so many great ideas about what to write today - and now, since I am by NO means a morning person... my mind is blank. But I am here, I am writing, it will probably be a quality rambler for me - but its here - regardless.

So tell me something. The difference in Modular homes and Stick built homes? Has anyone owned a modular? Do they resell ok? I mean - I understand that right now NOTHING resells very well - but relatively speaking - how does it go? I have done some reading and every other website has an opposite view. Of course the place we went to talk to people about the modulars said that it all works the same as a stick built home... but they get paid to say stuff like that right?

New topic

Several people have asked about my situation with no stove or oven. I do cook - actually more than I ever thought I would... and to be honest, I am not nearly as bad of a cook as I thought I would be! We use the typical crock-pot, microwave, grill, toaster oven, electric skillet, and griddle (like you do pancakes on.) The griddle heats up to 400 degrees - so if I set a pot on it, the water will boil... so spagetti and other "boilable" things can also happen. I also have a rice cooker... if you don't have one of these - GET ONE! It is one of the coolest things EVER!. put the rice in, put the water in, push the button.... 15 minutes later you have perfect rice! no stirring, no sticking, no burning.... and it keeps it warm for like 12 hours safely! kinda like a crock pot for rice! The toaster oven is big enough for my corning ware things - so I can do small casseroles and stuff - and the little Totino's .99 pizzas fit in there too. So, there ya go - Julia's kitchen excitement. In the summer, its kinda funny cuz I do most meats on the grill outside. Our grill also has one of those little eyes on the side of it - and that is faster than boiling on the griddle.... so I will sometimes have the meat on the grill - the bread on the top rack of the grill - the mac-n-cheese on the eye on the side of the grill... and some beans or corn or something warming on the griddle inside the house... you think its far to walk across your kitchen to get to the other pot?? hahaha - - try hearing the sizzle of overrun and having to run through the kitchen, out the front door, down the porch, down the stairs - dodge the car in the carport... and WHOA! those flames are high:) hehehehe... anyway - its all good - I have learned to be very creative!

Hmmm... what else.... I have been running again lately. Well, I have done it twice in the last week - but I am on a roll!

I am not going to get too deep on my new interest in politics... however.. I just want to say, on this day of the New Hampshire Caucus that this race is ridiculous ALREADY! We aren't even CLOSE to the actual campaign starting and people are already tired of the media coverage. Wow. I am doing my research - between watching the news (which is sometimes truthful) - watching a few debates (I don't watch them all because basically I get tired of hearing the same things after an hour or so) - and checking their own websites... I am trying to get my facts straight. I don't think VA has a caucus or anything (shows what I know) but I am trying to be an educated voter instead of what I have always done in the past... and just pay attention in the last two weeks before I go vote... I am trying to be early!

Anyway - I have hit enough topics now - politics, cooking, running, house buying - - there are the things that are all in my life right now.
Have a nice day.


Meredith said...

I am not an educated voter...which is why I don't vote. I have never understood politics and I prbly never will!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I try to be an educated voter. It's just so hard to sort the truth and the propaganda, that I get frustrated. I'm trying to be a more responsible voter this year, too. So far, we like Huckabee. We think a Huckabee/McCain ticket would be worth voting for. We'll see what the future holds.
Props to you on your creative cooking! I'm impressed that you're making it work!