Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The cabin

Ronnie and I went to a cabin in the Blue Ridge mtns this weekend (really just Sunday night and all day Monday since he was off for President's day - but I like to pretend it was the whole weekend!) and had a BLAST! I have to tell ya the story though, and will provide pictures as time allows this week - I have a lot of teaching and stuff this week... so I might be slow - but I promise they will come eventually, they are too good not to share!

The cabin was so cute - it was a one bedroom little cottage - mostly brown as cabins should be. The decorations were very.. umm.. "cabinesque" (is that a word??? it is now). the kitchen was perfect! (It even had an OVEN!!!!! AHHHH!!!!) The view was nice out the windows and one of my favorite things was the swing on the front porch! I think it was possibly the first time Ronnie and I have ever been on a swing together (yeah, we are new at all this married stuff.) The back porch had great places to sit and stuff (we didn't spend much time on the back porch, but I am sharing the experience with you guys). There was a fire pit out in the driveway and looked like it would be a lot of fun to sit around and have a campfire - - but to us, it seemed like too much work for this weekend!!! Basically, the whole cabin was adorable!! I couldn't have asked for a better place for us to relax! However, I have to tell ya the scary part for me. As I walked into the living room, in the floor was a HUGE bear skin rug. I am talking about one with the head and claws still attached. OH MY GOSH! I don't think I have ever seen one in person before! So, in order to avoid the view of this, I looked up on top of the TV and there was a "bobcattish" thing. Not the whole animal, it was the head, attached to a board of some sort. The mouth was formed as if it were coming OUT of the board! It looked so mean. There was a stuffed owl sitting next to the bobcat, a duck, skunk skin, raccoon skin and two deer heads on the wall. (one of those deer was in the bedroom.... I STRUGGLED to sleep when I first laid down!! but then the bed was QUITE comfy - and it was raining on the tin roof... so the struggling was very short lived as you can imagine). It was kinda funny I was so jumpy the first 30 minutes we were there because I just kept wondering where the next animal was going to be hanging around!!! On the back porch, there was an Elk... AN ELK!!!! Other random skins were laying around as decoration on the tables etc. etc. Once I got over the shock... I realized that this is what you put in cabins... It was just that I had never really been in a REAL cabin. The ones I usually stayed in were the type that we had at Kids Kamp or Youth camp or something.. basically a wooden building with rows of bunk beds... I was welcomed into the world of cabins with a few animals... :)

Now, I love animals - outside. I particularly love dogs (esp. my poop-recruiting-Ziba... but that is another story). I think bears are cute from a LONG distance. I like to watch birds fly over head and here in VA I always notice when the skunks have gone on to the stinky place in the sky and give ample respect! HOWEVER, there were a lot of animals!

Anyway, I will finish this by saying that once I got over the initial surprise... I really LOVED the weekend with my man! The owners of the cabin let us ride their 4-wheelers, and other than the one time I got stuck and Ronnie had to save me (my hero!!) it was all so much fun I had no desire whatsoever to leave that mountain home with the animals. I have to admit that I never got around to actually stepping on the bear-skin rug. I bumped the edges a few times but promptly moved away from it. But other than that.... I really got used to the animals faster than I thought I would. Maybe it was more that I was finally away with my husband. No cell phones. No internet. Lots of movies. Antenna TV. the first day was cloudy (REALLY FOGGY) - and a wonderful time of necessary cuddling and cooking together while watching movies. The second day was as clear as could be with perfect weather to layer up and go ride the 4 wheelers. It was a little muddy but not so much that we were getting stuck every few minutes or anything.

I really LOVED the weekend! I really can't wait for another time to get away like that. It was a perfect get-away for us and the perfect time!


brantley said...

I hope Jonathan doesn't read this one because he will want a bear skin rug....I can see it now. LOL

DeeDee said...

sounds like a wonderful get-a-way!!!!

I love Brantley's comment too :)
She is soooooo right!

love you Julia! and miss you so much!