Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snowy Valentines

Well, in southern VA we woke up this morning to a white Valentines day! The only other time in mylife I experienced this was in Germany in 2004. I remember going for a long snowy walk in the woods with my German family that day, and have some great memories even from that one walk! As well as some fun pictures:) I do sometimes miss my "other home" a.k.a. Deutschland. While it was oen of the hardest years of my life, it was also one of the ones with the best memories. Isn't that how life usually is? the really hard things, when you look back at them, are the ones where we learned the most, and in turn enjoyed at least some aspect of it?

So, today, I went for a walk in the woods. My brother said he wanted to see some snow, so I took some pictures. I had Germany flashbacks while Ziba and I explored the white wonderland that is behind my house. I did some thinking while walking, and while I don't want to put you all through the depths of my brain (I don't even know that I understand what all goes on in there sometimes!) I did think a bit on, well, being someone's Valentine. Last year, Ronnie and I were just getting this adventure started - however he sent me a HUGE box to the church I was singing at in Missouri. It was the day that my director realized I wasn't going to be on the road much longer, it was the first time in my life that Valentines day was really something that I thought might not be complete torture (the rest of my life it had pretty much always been Single Awareness Day) -

This morning, I woke up to two little boxes from our local jeweler. Once again, small shiny objects amaze me and make my man stand out in the crowd. I got a necklace and earrings with pearls :) YEA! I realize we are newlyweds and all - but I have to give my man props for that:)

I got him, well, a card, M&Ms and heart shaped pancakes... hmm.. I think I was outdone - luckily, I think we were both ok with that:)

Back to the point, to be his Valentine - to love him more than any other woman on earth, in a way that no other woman could ever love him - to make him feel special every day, not just 2/14 - To be sure that he knows he is my hero and I choose him over everyone else on the planet! - whew - being a valentine has a lot of responsibility - - 365 (366 this year) days a year!... I am not sure how good I do all the time.. but I am trying to learn to be a good Valentine. all the time. because I KNOW I sure am married to a romantic man. :)

So, Happy Valentines to all my "coupled" friends. And Happy Single Awareness to all my "Single" friends - please know that you too are loved!!!

Most of all - Happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine :) I love you sweetie.

** edited** As I arrived to pick up my Valentine for our very romantic meeting with the CPA for our taxes today, My man got in the car with some red tulips, a sweet card, and a bar of Toblerone (possibly the BEST chocolate in the world!) What a man What a man What a might fine man!!!


Darlene said...

Happy Valentines Julia and Ronnie!

I was thinking about you and wanted to let you know. Continue to pray for your Alabama friend. That sounds like you only have one friend.....but you know who I mean.
I wish you were here to run stadiums with her. I am sure she misses you just doesn't want to admit it. you know, PRIDE and all.
We miss you,

Anonymous said...

Aww, how sweet. He is a good man. :)
We'll be celebrating Valentines twice this year. Tonight with our boys, and Saturday alone. No gifts for us this year though.

DeeDee said...

Happy Valentines Day - to you and to Ronnie.

I just love the way that you love each other! Makes this MOM happy. Enjoy!

Continue making memories - and remember - NEVER let him get bored :) Keep him guessing for a lifetime!

Love you my Julia
(and tell Ronnie - I love him too!)

Samantha Hyde said...

Well, I'm glad that you two had a good day! Usually, I absolutely HATE Valentine's, but this year I had a positive outlook. Jesus was my valentine this year! I got to make breakfast for my Mom! And I got to hang out with my parents last night! So, it was a good day for me too! I love you! and Ronnie too!