Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, it has happened. I tried to fight and fight and I finally gave in. I am now OFFICIALLY at real house wife - with a "stay at home" job and EVERYTHING! I went with Tupperware. I am now a Tupperware saleswoman. I am setting up my official site, and I am sure I will have moments of shameless plugging along the way, but who wouldn't?? I mean, don't you eat? Don't you want your food to stay "un-stale?" Don't you need Tupperware? I don't mean that cheap imitation stuff you buy at Wal-mart that melts the first time something actually gets hot in it.. I mean Tupperware, the stuff your mom used to have in the 1970s colors of orange and brown... Now we have awesome pink, green, yellow... etc. etc.

I can do parties, online or at your home, I can take orders - You can see what you want to buy at this site. Just let me know how MUCH you have MISSED having Tupperware since you were a kid!!! and stop in.


Jenifer said...

Welcome to the world of trying to make money from home :) Good luck! That is all I have to say about that :) I have looked at your website and although I only cook occasionally there are a few things I need. Do I get a friends and family discount??? :) I figured it was worth a try! For real though as soon as andy loosens up his grip on the checkbook I will be making a purchase!

DeeDee said...

Hey.....I still have one of those ORANGE bowls....

maybe time to update huh?

Love you!

Darlene said...

Good Luck with selling tupperware. I also tried this along with Avon, Home Interiors, and Beauty Control! The games you play at the parties are fun and most of them you can use at church.
But, is has been awhile since I went to a party.
Update: Alabama friend....God is opening her eyes she needs to accept what she is seeing. So, please pray that God continues to open her eyes and her accept what she sees.
I will check out the tupperware site!

Mer said...

I. Love. Tupperware. I may be buying some from you ;)

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

I'll have to let brantley buy that stuff, but we will buy from you! love ya sis.