Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WFMW: Musical instruments

Shannon at rocks in my dryer is doing a themed "Works for me Wednesday" for online shopping. I don't do this as much anymore because I have the equipment that I need for what I am doing now. However, being a musician that has played in multiple types of bands - I was in constant need of new cables, pedals, instruments and accessories. For most of these, Musicians friend clearance page was my place of choice! If you have enough stuff to get $99 or more (I would save up what I needed until it cost this much) it was free shipping. Now that I am married, and pretty much set musically in my church job, I haven't been ordering as much - but there is also a scratch and dent page too which helped me get a keyboard stand and a mic stand for really cheap. Beware cables in that area though if you are not able to fix them yourself. They definately work at first, they are just weaker. (that has been my experience).

Of course, Amazon is my location for books and all things "reselling."

Finally, etsy has WONDERFUL hair bows for young girls. (I am advertising for my sister for this one.... maybe I will get a better Birthday present:)) If you have girls, you know how hard it is to find the bows that match the outfits. With my niece, we were ALWAYS looking for the "red" bow. She LOVED to throw the bow out of her hair, out of the stroller when we weren't looking. I specifically remember going back ALL THE WAY through Steinmart, Tuesday morning, and Chick-fil-a once because she had thrown out her LAST RED BOW! Mom and I just KNEW we were going to be in trouble with Jen once she found out.... So, all this to say, the bows you are looking for - are here.

Happy shopping!


Gray Matters said...

Love the bows - I am originally an Alabama girl, too!

Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

PLUG PLUG PLUG PLUG wow i haven't seen that much plugging since superbowl commercials!!!! Love ya big sis!

Anonymous said...

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