Monday, February 11, 2008

Birthday memories

So Saturday, my wonderful husband turned 26. (Yes I am older than he is). We started the day with just some time together. We didn't have a particular time that we needed to do anything in the morning. I made him pancakes and bacon - we sat around and did a lot of nothing for the morning. We just had a relaxing Saturday morning in February!

For lunch, we went to the Japanese restaurant here in town and had a fun little date - we didn't even have to share our table with anyone! It was just me and my man (and the Japanese chef).

We then went to his parents house and shot guns for the afternoon (it was a BOY birthday for sure:)) however I enjoyed shooting the pistols and rifles too. (Watch out when ya come around the Mayhew house:) hehehehe).

On another topic - we did not win the grand prize for the k-love contest - however, I am sure the couple that did win are very qualified to be winning. So I am not jealous. At. All. I mean, after all, how romantic IS a love song written completely about your love story? hehehe..

I am teaching the next two weeks on prayer at WCA. I feel so under qualified for this - however - I also feel that God has placed me in a position to learn as well at teach. So, here I go. Teaching high school students how to pray, why we pray, who prayed in the Bible and what did that accomplish. Hmm....... I was suppsoed to start today, but with the wind and all, school was delayed 2 hours. (For those in the midwest - I am sure you guys don't get to cancel or delay school for wind advisory huh? Well. Sorry)

I have heard lately about the "women of faith" conferences that are going on these days. I really want to go to one of those. I guess I am going to have to google the conference myself to see when they are coming close to VA. or anywhere else I can get a cheap flight to.

Gotta go clean my house - sorry this post was so, well, random - my brain is running in circles with lots of stuff to do:)

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Samantha Hyde said...

Hey there! I haven't talked to you in forever! We went to your Mom and Dad's house last night after church, and ate pizza! I felt like something was missing, and it was you and Ronnie! lol! So, I figured that I would stop by your blog! I read it all the time! I think that I'm going to start leaving more comments! Anyway, just wanted to say hey! And tell Ronnie that I said Happy B'day! Talk to you later! -Samantha